Monday, April 11, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

They say, whoever they is, that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well I agree.  This past weekend we went to Montgomery so that Joe could compete in #4# along with many other Crossfitters.  A few months ago, we decided that the whole P90X here and there along with random running was just not enough to sustain our workout appetite or get the results we wanted.  We decided to join Crossfit Embrace and found what we thought would be a great workout program with familiar faces until it became much more.

This particular picture is my favorite of all the events this weekend.  It represents Crossfit Embrace the best.  In the eyes of the beholder I see more than words.  I see an athlete who is determined to push himself across the line and to the next level no matter what challenge is in front of him.  He has a goal and he will reach it.  No matter what pain he feels he will embrace it and push through.  No matter what his body is saying he only hears words of encouragement.  He knows that if he gives every ounce of energy and commitment to this wod he will have victory.  His fellow Crossfitters know this.  We know that he is capable of the goal he has set.  We know that we have to reduce his downtime.  We know that the more we encourage and push him the better he will do.  We know that it's teamwork.  When he finishes we will have a sense of accomplishment along with him.  We will feel as though we have helped our fellow Crossfitter take it to that next level.  This is what Crossfit Embrace is about.  A team and a family there to support each other to do the best they can do.  Our spirit is contagious.  As the time went on in Landon's wod the crowd grew in size and became louder.  I notice there are people who aren't even apart of Crossfit Embrace cheering him on screaming, clapping, encouraging, and celebrating with each rep.  And that is what it is all about.  Pushing people to reach their goals and encouraging them to give it all they have.  This picture represents teamwork, motivation, desire, commitment, and determination the best.  Although, I was able to witness this same setting in every event with everyone who competed from Crossfit Embrace.  We bring something more to the table.  We have a group of driven individuals who honestly want to see their fellow Crossfitter do their best and utilize all their talent given by God.  I find this spirit not only during the competition but back home where I have the pleasure to workout each day.  I can definitely say we are blessed to have such an amazing group.     

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  1. great blog and great pics..sums up what we experience each day in Dothan,Al..encouragement to strive for a higher level of fitness..even as beginners and/or at the masters achieve and push ourselves to a little more each day above what we "think" we could ever do!