Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lions,Tigers, and Bears...Oh My!!!

A few weeks ago Nana, Leland, Carson, and I went to the zoo!  It was the first weekend the weather was warm enough to get outside and truly enjoy it.  We did just that!  We loaded up and headed to Montgomery for Carson's first zoo experience!  The first place we had to go when we got there was the gift shop to buy Carson some type of hat because unfortunately he has his mother's skin. : ) Then it was off to see the animals!  He loved taking it all in.  He was very observant and noticed the animals at each display.  Even the reptiles, yuck.  We were able to see a baby monkey up close and hear the lioness roar.  Next time I will make sure to carry cash so that he can feed the giraffe.  That is the main zoo memory I have as a child and to think I didn't have $2 cash on me.  I guess it was good I didn't have it so that Joe can experience it when we go next time.  Another part of the trip Carson enjoyed was the train ride.  He enjoyed just riding more than anything. There were a few little girls in the back that would scream at the top of their lungs when we went thru the dark tunnels and I was nervous about it scaring Carson.  However, he never seemed to really care.  Seems like he's already becoming a little tough guy with no worries. It's neat to be on the other side as a parent because you want your child to experience as much as possible but you also want to protect them.  The funny thing is I'm still learning so much about Carson and his personality there are many times I assume he will act one way and he does the exact opposite. Getting back to the zoo, it was an enjoyable trip and I can't wait to revisit and bring Joe along! : )


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  1. I'm so glad you're writing a blog! Can't wait to hear more stories